Million acres of forest burned annually by wildfires
Deaths due to wildfires in California and Portugal (2017)
Million Euros are the annual damage costs of wildfires in Portugal
Between 25% and 35% of greenhouse gases are produced by wildfires.
“The devastating fires have also reignited debates over prevention, land use and forestry management in an era of climate change.” - Financial Times


Environmentally concious design

Makes full use of the IoT potential

Deployed at mass quantity

Low power consumption

Design Concept


The final design incorporates many elements from the initial ideation on the previous page. The tripodular form directs the product during it's fall whilst keeping the sensors in an elevated position on ground. The rounded base is optimised for a high impact landing dissipating the force throughout the product. The product is manufactured in a two main body injection moulded piece reducing manufacturing costs and material consumption.


Blaze is deployed in a swarm formation from a cargo aircraft. The moment the products are ejected the biodegradable parachute expands for a smooth trajectory and landing.


On the forest floor, Blaze is hibernating to conserve power. In its hibernation mode Blaze periodically looks out for signs of potential wildfires.


When a wildfire is detected, Blaze uses mesh networks to transmit a distress signal over large distances to the appropriate government agency responsible for preventing wildfires.


Data transmitted from Blaze can be accessed by emergency personel to make the best judgement on the required action.


Blaze is designed to be fully biodegradable further minimising negative effects on the natural environment. Blaze has a life span of 2.5 years.

Hi-Fi Modelling


The modelling phase of this project is to provide both the client and the designer a physical and visual prototype for the concept. We were limited to traditional methods of modelling with rapid protyping and CNC banned. This required me to think out of the box in terms of manufacturing the model due to its triangular unique form.

Material Choice


As the product would be deployed in mass quantities over vast areas of forests, designing with environmental conciousness is imperative. Compostable plastic is an emerging material with benefits of decomposing into harmless, natural elements. The Battery will be of a wood pulp based compound which is both high in energy density and low in weight.

Decomposes is 2.5 years

Compostable injection moulded plastic

Wood-pulp based battery

Biodegradable electronics

Final Model


Next Project
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