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IBM Enterprise Design Thinking

Throughout my time at IBM I have gained experience and confidence in practicing Enterprise Design Thinking. I participated, facilitated and led full worshops within the Studio and external events with IBM clicents. To conclude my placement, I was tasked with running a full two-day workshop at the Northumbria Waters Conference.

“I just wanted to mention how incredibly impressed and happy for how quickly you have joined our team.”

“You are progressing at a impressionable rate.”

“This has incredible, measurable, impact with the team - so good job!”

“You're receptive to feedback, willing to learn and seem comfortable asking questions.”

IBM App Connect

App connect is a SaaS product able to perform complex integrations in a simple user interface (Similar to IFTTT) but targeted towards enterprise usecases.

This was my assigned core product for the 12 month internship experience. I worked in a group of 4 UX designers, 2 Visual Designers and 1 Design Researcher. I supported the development of existing and new features aimed at improving functionality and usability. I engaged in various roles exploring aspects of design research, front-end development and architecture.

Cloud, Data and AI

In addition to my core product, I worked on significant projects accros the portfolio. I designed the homepage of the Cloud Pak for Integration, and played a key role in the development of the Cloud Data and AI design system (An initiative aimed at unifying the look and feel of all products accross the portfolio). I also worked significantly with our design researcher in building a research metric interface to aid designers digest data and apply it in their work.


Throughout my internship, I had the opportunity to work on projects and activities outside of my core employment role. I was part of a patent group, created a winning smart-site hackathon proposal (PlantBuddy), organised the annual christmas social, initiated the site's "GreenTeam", participated in a weekly talk show on the IBM radio, and designed from scratch an internal platform for new graduate and intern hires.

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