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The Problem

Adoption of home renewable energy systems are predicted to grow globally by 50% in 5 years. This growth has been fueled by a 15-35% cost reduction of solar systems with strong government incentives. Yet, there is still a huge untapped market of consumers interested in adopting renewable energies but reluctant to do so.


Current systems are very restrictive on expandability, requiring home owners to purchase a full package from the start (High up-front costs)

Current systems are complex to install requiring resulting in heavy reliance on ‘specialist installers’ leaving consumers in an expensive and non-adaptable position.

Consumers are also sceptical of the direct benefits of such an installation in their home, making the adoption of such a system a ‘leap of faith’ rather than a proven investment.
The Proposition

To develop an intuitive modular system capable of providing an adaptable energy infrastructure tailored to the users budget, consumption and space.
bliksen is a system capable of easily equipping a home with all the necessary features to start adopting renewable energy. It’s modular architecture entices consumers to start small and build upon their energy needs and demands. Whilst it’s smart capabilities ensure that the system is used at its maximum capability.

Facilitating the adoption of renewable energy at home

Individual design challenge, 1 week

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