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The Youth America ' s Cup

The Youth America Cup is the most prestigious and internationally recognized competition in the sailing industry for professional youth sailors. This year, to celebrate its 150th anniversary the Youth America Cup will be aligning with its parent - "America Cup" anticipating a total reach of more than 500mil+ viewers.

The title sponsors

RHKYC: One of the oldest, most prestigious clubs in Asia, with 170 years of social and competitive sailing. And recognized as one of the top 10 Yacht Clubs in the world.

AGIPLAST: A world-class polymer manufacturer. Specializing in innovative recycling practices aimed at processing polymers back to its original state, without any degradation in material properties.


This team will be representing Hong Kong, RHKYC and AGIPLAST at the 2021 Youth America Cup sailing competition.

My winning design proposal was selected against two competing design agencies and I now work directly with the team to brand all their physical and digital items.
3 Months

Key Skills
UI Design
Print & Manufacture
Remote working #covid

Project type
Individual Freelance
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