I'm part of a small, core team of product experience designers working across Arrival's physical & digital products & services. We design experiences for our current Bus, Van, Car & Robotics Products as well as explore the fringes of mobility and how we might get there.

As Arrival is still in its youth - the diversity of our projects span far and wide across the entire End-2-end of our offerings. Ranging from how we Sell, Use, Manage and Service our vehicles.

As a team, we create experiences at the intersection of digital + physical context. We orchestrate multi-modal interactions (Sound, touch, light, screen based) into one seamless product experience.

We work extremely closely with the Service Design & Research Team to champion and advocate for a user-entered & inclusive approach to design across the company.

Reach out to hear more about the work I've been doing.

What i've been doing: 

- Worked on every direct & indirect interation of the Arrival Bus (How lights behave, stop requests, automated annoucements, internal & external screens, doors & ramp operation, driver screen, charging etc..) 

- Led the design of Arrival's charging experience

- Designed Arrival's customer demo experience

- I lead & manage experience attributes for the bus programme

- Pioneered the use of AR at Arrival as a prototyping development and sales tool.

- Supported the design of Arrival's servicing & traceability platform