2020 Winner
Ford Smart Mobility Competition
Herd connects people in need to volunteers within their community that can help.

When in need, users can send out a 'flare' with a short description of what you need help with and an urgency level. Members of your community can then respond to these flares as they come in, enabling the natural instinct we have to help one another in time of crisis.

Herd Network was created in response to a competition put forward by the 'Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge' to improve community mobility. Upon winning the challenge, we received funding which is currently being used towards the development of our vision.
We were inspired by the fact that people already try to do this to some extent, using tools like social media to communicate and offer help. We just provide a tool that allows communities to do this through a more refined and purpose built experience while also providing personalised information and guidance to help individuals get through the experience.
Initial Learnings of MVP
- Communication about the use case of the app wasn’t clear enough.

- Overall aesthetics weren’t very engaging

- Users can only respond to requested help, and not offer help, which may reduce usage

- The app was only available for iPhone users and not Android users
Aims for Version 2
- Clearer onboarding process and more examples and nudges throughout to help the user understand context

- A revamped interface design to add visual flavour as well as strengthen usability

- An ability to proactive offer help through group or individual "Initiatives"

- Filter Flares and Initiatives by category for improved discoverability

- More attention to help providers, allowing volunteers much more opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse of their communities, and offer support in new ways

- Cross-platform support for the application to allow for increased accessibility
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