Product Experience Designer

I was part of a core team of product experience designers working across the End-to-end experience of Arrival's physical & digital products & services. We designed experiences for our current Bus, Van, Car & Robotics Products as well as explored the fringes of mobility and how we might get there.

As a team, we create experiences at the intersection of digital and physical contexts. Orchestrating multi-modal interactions (Sound, touch, light, screen-based) into one seamless product experience. 

We work extremely closely with the Service Design & Research Team to champion and advocate for a user-centred & inclusive approach to design across the company.
My time at Arrival
  • Company doubled in size
  • Public IPO (Biggest in UK history)
  • Bus launched & built
  • Van re-design & built
  • Car launched with Uber
  • 1st Microfactory Built
  • Ran trials with UPS & FirstBus
Personal Highlights
  • I represented Arrival at the Global Investment Summit (With the British Prime Minister, Bill Gates and a host of industry leaders)
  • Took part in 400+ hours of direct user research
  • Co-designed every 'On & off vehicle' experience of the Arrival Bus (How lights behave, stop requests, automated announcements, internal & external screens, doors & ramp operation, driver screen, charging etc..) 
  • Worked on these experiences from concept right through to production.
  • Led & managed the experience attributes for the bus programme
  • Pioneered the use of AR at Arrival as a prototyping development and sales tool.
  • Supported the design of Arrival's servicing & traceability platform
User Research & Insight-led development plays a critical role in the work we do. 

I get involved in all the research sessions, developing prototypes, leading sessions, and co-presenting our insights in company share-outs.

This exposure to understanding the entire end-to-end experience of drivers, shunters, cleaners, operators, service technicians, and passengers has not only allowed us to better design our experiences, but also to guide the company through strategic decisions around feature development.
As Arrival's products are in their final stage of development, I'm unable to publicly share my work’s outcomes. Please reach out to me directly to learn more about my design work.
Arrival is a technology company developing the future of mobility with a disruptive approach to manufacturing (Automated Microfactories).

I'm part of a small, core team of product experience designers working across Arrival's physical & digital products & services.
Previous Job
Case envisions the future of luggage and how luggage might evolve to become something that travels separately from its owner.
Final Year University Project
Herd is a service that helps people maintain their mobility in times of crisis. It connects those in need to other members of their community who can provide help and resources.
Current Side Project (Live)
A speculative design project aimed at envisioning what the future of democracy could look like in the digital age.
Uni Project
Dots is a recently released side project that acts as a tool to help users discover hidden patterns effortlessly. The strength of Dots lies in its simplicity and adaptability allowing users to track pretty much anything whether it is their mood, migraines, workouts, traffic, weather, surfing conditions and more.
Side Project
Lucid Motors is a Californian based automotive startup that is developing some of the world's leading electric vehicles.

I work as a Sr. Product Designer in the UX Design Team currently focussing on developing the future of Lucid's Autonomous Drive Assist Capabilities.
Current Job